4,578 Drinks: Bar Sets Record For 'Longest Domino Drop Shot'

February 15, 2017


In other Dubai news, late last year the Huddle Sports Bar & Grill in the city successfully set the Guinness World Record for longest domino drop shot (which was technically several lines running in tandem that branched off from a single starting line), successfully sinking 4,578 shots of Camros whiskey into glasses of Bazooka energy drink (yum!). The attempt actually involved 6,328 shots and energy drinks, but 1,570 had to be deducted from the total because they "did not fall according to the official guidelines." That must be one sticky floor. Two things, 1) who the hell drank all those and 2) how the hell does a bar have 6,328 shot glasses and tumblers in the first place? That's too many, even if they do save money only having to hire a dishwasher once a week. The bar I go to has like forty glasses, one of which HAS MY NAME ON IT. "Your name is not Bud Light." It could be!

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Dave L, who agrees the 'longest domino drop shot' accuracy award should go to Señor Frogs, who successfully dropped 4,107 of its 4,109 shots during a world record attempt in 2013.

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