World Of Warcraft Competition Cooking Show Debuts In South Korea

January 20, 2017


An officially Blizzard-backed World Of Warcraft themed competition cooking show is debuting in South Korea. The show, whose name roughly translates to 'WoW! Recipe? The Meal Is Ready', will feature contestants preparing Warcraft inspired dishes and be hosted by famous South Korean chef and World Of Warcraft player Choi Hyun-seok. I imagine it will be a lot like the original Iron Chef from Japan except with a World Of Warcraft theme and without that main guy with the wicked gloves, abundant flair, and insatiable appetite for raw bell peppers.

Hit the jump for a short commercial for the show.

Thanks to Airman E, who tried pitching a Minecraft themed cooking show to G4 but never heard back because that shit died years ago.

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