Volkswagen's Conceptual Self-Driving, All-Electric Microbus

January 10, 2017


This is Volkswagen's conceptual I.D Buzz, an awfully named, self-driving, all-electric descendent of the microbus. I.D Buzz -- seriously? That sounds like the name of trivia night at the bar. Fine, but if I win I better get a free pitcher.

The new VW Microbus is an 8-seat all-electric vehicle with a driving range up to 270 miles (the exact distance from Los Angeles to Las Vegas). High-powered DC fast charging can power up the 110-kWh lithium ion battery pack up to 80% in just about 30 minutes. The Buzz collects traffic data using its cameras, laser, ultrasonic, and radar sensors...It's highly customizable and stores personal seat and air conditioning settings, sounds system configuration, ambient lighting, and more.

I imagine they would actually do pretty well if they went into production and do everything VW says they will. Oh -- and they don't cost an arm and a leg. *haggling with car salesman* You drive a hard bargain, but I'm willing to go as high as one arm provided it doesn't have to be my own.

Keep going for a bunch more shots of 2020's concert pre-party van.







Thanks to Sus, who agrees vehicles with tables inside are great.

  • Talon184

    That steering wheel makes me uncomfortable for some reason.

  • Blind Squirrel

    A car with a bar. I could do this.

  • TheQiwiMan

    I'd never buy one, but I'd be happy to receive one as a gift.

  • "I imagine they would actually do pretty well if they went into production and do everything VW says they will."
    Yeah, because it's not like they've ever lied about their vehicles before.

  • GeneralDisorder

    We all know 'Murican comp'nies would never do things like lie about emissions (cough Harley Davidson gag puke). I know you're not from the US but there are people in the US who are going ape-shit over VW and didn't even know Harley had been cheating on emissions. When Harley got caught "a fine of how much? Sure thing. See ya later."

  • craig37f .

    Hence the major fine they got for the emissions scandal?

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