Video Of An SUV Plowing Through A Comic Book Store

January 9, 2017


Did somebody say Free Comic Book Day?!

This is the surveillance footage from DeeP Comics & Games in Huntsville, Alabama (which I happen to have called home for ten years) of an SUV plowing through the entire store. The crash was caused by a motorist who had a seizure while driving. Thankfully, nobody in the store was hurt, and the driver was taken to the hospital and treated for his injuries. Sadly, I imagine many comics and Funko Pop! figurines lost their lives that day.

His path traveled through an Office Depot Parking lot, across another road, through a vacant parking lot, then a fence, then into The DeeP.He narrowly missed numerous items that would have stopped the car but would have caused him serious injury had he hit them.

One more quick note because I have had a number of people ask me. There is NOT a gofundme page for us. We do have good insurance so while we appreciate it there are people who are in much dire straights than we that your charitable money should go to.

If anyone asks you to give to a gofundme page on our behalf we have no knowledge of it please do not donate.

Thanks again to those who have helped and if you want to know what you can do for us, just swing by and buy something nice for yourself. It's a win-win!

Happy endings. Do you think anybody in the store thought they were in a superhero movie when it happened? That's the first thing I think when shit starts breaking around me. This must be a superhero movie. It never is though, it's usually just somebody angry and smashing stuff, although one time it was an earthquake.

Keep going for the thrilling footage. Also, Batman behind the counter really should have prevented that.

Thanks to Marcus O, who encourages all future DeeP Comic Book Store patrons to park outside and walk in.

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