Ultimate Beastmaster: Netflix's Own Ninja Warrior Style Obstacle Course Show

January 27, 2017


This is a short trailer for Ultimate Beastmaster, Netflix's Sylvester Stallone executively produced answer to Ninja Warrior. The show debuts on Netflix February 24th and will feature 108 competitors from six different countries (the US, South Korea, Mexico, Brazil, Germany and Japan) trying to complete an obstacle course inside the belly of a giant metal dragon beast. It looks almost identical to Ninja Warrior, except with different obstacles. *shrug* I'll probably check it out. But only to constantly point out to my girlfriend how much better I could do than whoever the person competing is (he shouldn't have stepped there -- I never would have stepped there!). She'll tell me she knows I'd be the best, even though, not so deep down, we both know I'll have a heart attack if I ever take the stairs instead of an elevator.

Keep going for the preview.

Thanks to cnasty, who agrees there was nothing in the rules about not using a jetpack.

  • Meh

    Worst fucking trailer everrrr.

  • MoonshineGFT

    Pffft. This show's got nothing on MXC.

  • asdfadfs

    I feel like "beastmaster" should have more of a focus on utilizing and interacting with trained animals to solve the obstacles

  • Auntie Mumpsimus

    Everyone knows Beastmaster was just a vehicle for ferrets and man-purses.

    You know what I'd watch under the title of Ultimate Beastmaster? One of those reality shows where people trying to get ahead in the animal wrangler trade are paired up with a team of shelter dogs and need to get them to learn cool tricks over the course of a week to get through an obstacle course, maybe with a thing where you can donate a dollar to a shelter for a chance to adopt your favorite contender. Get to it, Discovery Channel, please.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Add an 'R' and I'd watch it!

  • TheQiwiMan

    Ultimate Breastmaster.

    The funniest jokes are always the ones you need to explain!

  • Ultimater Beastmaster?

  • Auntie Mumpsimus

    "Rultimate Beastmaster." He's saying he'd watch it if you gave him a Scooby snack.

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