There Can Be Only One: Furby Vs A Red-Hot Ball Of Nickel

January 12, 2017


Cool earrings. Claire's?

This is a video of a red-hot ball of nickel burning through the head of a Furby while smoke pours out of its eyes and it does its best to pretend everything is going to be alright. Everything is not going to be alright though, because a red-hot ball of nickel just burned through its entire head. I particularly liked the fire blasts coming out of its eyes starting around the 2:00 mark. I wish I could do that, that would be a cool party trick. Hey everybody -- everybody watch, I'm going to shoot fire out of my eyes. "You're crying." Did I say fire I meant water LOL I'm a funny guy hey can I get your number?

Keep going for the video, but skip to 1:15 for the beginning of the end.

Thanks to Sam The Slammer, who may or may not be a pog.

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