The ICAROS VR, A Piece Of 'Flying In Virtual Reality' Exercise Equipment

January 16, 2017


"I'm flying, Jack!"

This is a video demonstration of the ICAROS VR, a piece of exercise equipment that's supposed to simulate flying, while working your core and burning calories. Personally, my core is already as rock-solid as it can be. Check out my abs. "You painted those on." No, I had them tattooed.

Designed with a gyroscopic frame, the bizarre looking gadget is said to help boost reflexes and stimulate muscles from head to toe.

"With it you can train your muscles and stimulate the capability of reaction and balance," the company's website explains. "Simply with your movements on the Icaros you control and determine the flight path or diving the path in the game."

The Icaros is priced around €8,000 (~$8,500), making it far more expensive than buying a NordicTrack and developing a cross country skiing/hiking virtual reality app. Still, flying does sound cool. Maybe my gym will get one and I can get on the waiting list to use it for twenty minutes a week. Also if there was a VR app that made me feel like a dragon flying around and burning villages and boning other dragons that would be a plus.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to HeavySleeper, who agrees the key to burning calories is tossing and turning in your sleep.

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