The Element Cube, A Small Desktop Cube Containing 'Every Collectible Element On Earth'

January 5, 2017


This is the $68 Element Cube, a small 5cm x 5cm cube containing 'every collectible element on earth' (read: no radioactive or gaseous or lab synthesized ones). The cube contains 62 different elements (more than half of the elements on the periodic table) and is billed as the world's largest alloy (also available as a $31 necklace or bracelet). But why no carbon? Carbon is certainly collectible. Isn't that how you make steel? I'm not even going to pretend like I understand how to make a 62 element alloy, I'm just curious. And you know what they say about curiosity, don't you? "It killed the cat?" Well yes that too but it also made me walk in on my roommate having sex because I thought we were being robbed. Man, I just wish you could have been there. "Why?!" To console me.

Keep going for a couple more pics including a chart of all the elements included and a shot of the bracelet and necklace.





Thanks to Carly, who's going to start selling glass globes filled with every gaseous element on the periodic table but really just air.

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