That Dare-Devil Pool Jumper Just Shattered Both His Feet (Video)

January 4, 2017


In news that shouldn't surprise anybody, 8booth, that pool jumping death-wisher (previous near deaths HERE, HERE and HERE), has just shattered both feet and heels after missing a three-story jump into a pool and landing on the edge of the pool's deck. Honestly, I'm surprised he's not dead. "You just wait." The Grim Reaper, ladies and gentlemen! Apparently he likes to toy with his prey sometimes before finishing them off. That's very cat-like of you. "Meow." There, there *pets skull head, dies* You son of a bitch, you tricked me!

Keep going for the video, but it does involve a man jumping three stories and landing on the pool deck if that makes you squeamish. Also, kinda gnarly look at his feet after the incident starting at 2:20.

Thanks to rob, who agrees the scariest thing you should jump off of into a pool is the high dive.

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