Tactical BBQ Fork That Looks Like A Butterfly Knife

January 4, 2017


This is the $13 Tactical Folding BBQ Fork with Bottle Opener. It's a BBQ fork that looks like a butterfly knife (aka balisong), and measures over nine inches long when fully extended, and only 4.7-inches when collapsed (similar to my penis if you double both those numbers then add the length of a family sized sedan). It's perfect for waving at would-be meat thieves to keep them away from your wieners. Did I mention it can also open bottles? It can also open bottles, something my penis can also do. "Are you trying to sell a BBQ fork or your penis?" Neither *looks around shiftily, opens trench coat* But I did find some gold watches that fell off the back of a truck.

Keep going for one more shot with a sausage for wiener scale.


Thanks to Lance, who agrees the best novelty bbq fork remains the bbq sword. Nice try though.

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