Tabletop Fermenter Turns Fruit Into Wine

January 12, 2017


"This is my robot baby, I love it with all my heart."

Alchema is a $430 kitchen countertop fermenter that can turn fruit into wine, cider or mead. You just pick a recipe on your smartphone, add the necessary ingredients, and a week or two later you've got some craft brew to incessantly talk about and annoy your friends. Oh my God, I just brewed an apple cinnamon mead that's to die for. I used apple and cinnamon and just a hint of cardamon and clove. You should really come over and try it. "I'll stick to Bud Light." Fair enough. Honestly, I don't really have any old fruit lying around the house anyways besides Fruit Of The Looms. Know what I'm saying? I'm saying I need to do laundry.

Keep going for a shot of the interior and an introductory video.


Thanks to lizzy, who's inspired me to start making gin in my bathtub again.

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