Tabletop Fermenter Turns Fruit Into Wine

January 12, 2017


"This is my robot baby, I love it with all my heart."

Alchema is a $430 kitchen countertop fermenter that can turn fruit into wine, cider or mead. You just pick a recipe on your smartphone, add the necessary ingredients, and a week or two later you've got some craft brew to incessantly talk about and annoy your friends. Oh my God, I just brewed an apple cinnamon mead that's to die for. I used apple and cinnamon and just a hint of cardamon and clove. You should really come over and try it. "I'll stick to Bud Light." Fair enough. Honestly, I don't really have any old fruit lying around the house anyways besides Fruit Of The Looms. Know what I'm saying? I'm saying I need to do laundry.

Keep going for a shot of the interior and an introductory video.


Thanks to lizzy, who's inspired me to start making gin in my bathtub again.

  • D3Fd0ck

    i guess society is becoming alcoholics...

    need home brewers to be able to deal with people/life


  • Dyrge

    Looks like it would make some weak garbage "wine". From the video you can see them pouring what looks like regular table sugar into the thing. Table sugar is surcose which needs to be broken down to be properly fermented by yeast. The best way to do this is with heat which would kill the yeast. Also by adding chopped up fruit into the thing instead using the juice, the yeast won't be able to digest the fructose in the fruit as easily either.

    It doesn't specify the type of yeast it comes with, but if we assume its a half-way decent 13% yeast then 1-2 weeks is not enough time for it to ferment. It will probably finish primary fermentation by that point, but will not have had enough time for secondary fermentation. And as anyone who would actually buy this and use it probably isn't familiar with the types of yeast available anyways, my guess if most users would probably end up using the standard bread yeast they find in the supermarket instead of wine yeast you would find at a home brew supply store. I also don't see any mechanism for racking or bottling the wine which likely means you will have yeast floating in your wine.

    Overall, I would suggest, if you want to make your own alcohol at home, visit your local home brew supply store, get some proper equipment (should be cheaper than this thing) and a book and learn how to do if for real.

    Source: I'm a homebrewer who makes beers and meads.

  • TheQiwiMan

    "Source: I'm a homebrewer who makes beers and meads."

  • Big Dog on Krampus

    sweet berry wine!

  • TheQiwiMan

    For yer WINE!

  • Konstantin

    So it does the same thing a $20 jar with a gas lock does, but for $430? Brilliant.

  • Jenness

    While I could save a ton of money, I think my liver would be quite unhappy with me.

  • √Čtienne Pelletier

    yeah but liver are like tooth...they grow back

  • By "unhappy" do you mean "dead"?

  • Isn't that how prison wine is made?


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