Stop, You're Doing It Wrong: Animation Of Common Objects Not Acting The Way You'd Expect

January 24, 2017


This is an animation created by Mainframe of common objects not displaying the physical properties you've come to expect from them. Eggs bounce, lightbulbs squish like balloons, and balloons don't pop. I found it all incredibly frustrating. I'd just like one thing to go the way I'd expect, you know? Although I did like the pencils waving around like crazy air dancers at a used car lot. You know, you and I should go test drive cars on our lunch break just for fun. I love test driving cars. I also love taking tours of houses for sale. Basically anything that allows me to make-believe I'm living a much happier life for awhile.

Hit the jump for the video while I break things to make up for all the things that didn't break in this video.

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