So, We've Come To This: Pre-Peeled And Pre-Halved Avocado Packages

January 18, 2017


In how to make guac in your pocket on the way to work news, this is a shot of Calavo's Avocado Halves. It's a package containing a pre-peeled, pre-halved, and deseeded avocado. Although, judging from that photo, those halves aren't even from the same avocado. I don't want mismatched avocado halves! Besides, if you don't have the time to halve an avocado yourself, or can't manage to do it without cutting your fingers off, should you really be cooking in the first place? You're probably just going to set yourself on fire anyways. "What are you, five?" Maybe I am, I don't care, my mom still lets me make s'mores in the microwave, so there.

Thanks to Alan, who agrees earth really doesn't deserve this. Also, thanks to everyone who pointed out these would be great for people with hand conditions that limit dexterity, for making me feel like a terrible monster.

  • Gabriel

    Been using these in the restaurant industry since 2004

  • Kassian Tyler

    i work in a kitchen and we have loads of pre-packaged half avacados.
    i'm pretty sure they're not sold for consumers in stores as we get bulk deliveries.
    but this isn't so surprising, just it's not particularly fresh.

  • Adibobea9

    It's stupid sure, but we eat peeled and chopped carrots all the time…

  • ToyBoxofGuns

    I don't really see this as all that bad. At least this way people know the avocado they're buying isn't garbage after getting it home. Sometimes it's a crapshoot.

    And besides, there's been prepackaged guacamole for ages, and this is certainly less extreme than that.

  • Emmitt Morgans

    I'm guessing they have to make more of those roughly hourly...

  • Andrew Newton


  • Robert Grimm

    This is a great idea. People who are disabled and unable to use a knife deserve to be able to eat avocados too.

  • David Williams

    I was about to point this out, too. Handling kitchen utensils like knives frequently takes more manual dexterity than opening packaging. Products like this make many foods more available to people with disabilities. I don't know if they had this in mind when the decided to market this, but I think we can all agree that people with cerebral palsy, parkinsons, TBI, and other challenges deserve to eat avocados. Don't be a prick.

  • Chris Clark

    It is WAAAAAY easier to open an avocado than it is to open vacuum sealed plastic packaging. Like an order of ten times easier. If you cant open an avocado due to a disability.....then good luck getting into that packaging.

  • Andrew Newton

    These people are going to also have a hard time getting it out of the box and, without a knife, getting that vacuum seal plastic off.

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