So, We've Come To This: Pre-Peeled And Pre-Halved Avocado Packages

January 18, 2017


In how to make guac in your pocket on the way to work news, this is a shot of Calavo's Avocado Halves. It's a package containing a pre-peeled, pre-halved, and deseeded avocado. Although, judging from that photo, those halves aren't even from the same avocado. I don't want mismatched avocado halves! Besides, if you don't have the time to halve an avocado yourself, or can't manage to do it without cutting your fingers off, should you really be cooking in the first place? You're probably just going to set yourself on fire anyways. "What are you, five?" Maybe I am, I don't care, my mom still lets me make s'mores in the microwave, so there.

Thanks to Alan, who agrees earth really doesn't deserve this. Also, thanks to everyone who pointed out these would be great for people with hand conditions that limit dexterity, for making me feel like a terrible monster.

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