So That's What That Sounds Like: 'All Star' By Smash Mouth, With All Notes In C

January 13, 2017


This is a Soundcloud clip of Smash Mouth's 'All Star' with all the notes altered to a C (aka All Ctar just kidding nobody's calling it that but me in my mind). Man, that song brings mack memories, doesn't it? Not very good ones, mind you. This version sounds...interesting. Kinda like if I was listening to the song through the wall of my neighbor's apartment. My neighbors don't play Smash Mouth though, they blare electronic dance music, and it starts at 7:00AM and they like to leave it on after they go to work. Great people though, really. *searches Craigslist for a hitman*

Keep going for the clip.

Thanks to Ryan L, who agrees C is a decent note, but love notes filled with kisses and smeared with lipstick are really where it's at.

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