Robotic Arm Beats 'I Am Not A Robot' CAPTCHA Test

January 26, 2017


Note: Keep your volume in check, robot arm sounds like an R/C plane trying to eat gravel.

This is a short video of a googly eyed robotic arm beating an 'I Am Not A Robot' CAPTCHA test by clicking inside the box to prove it's not a robot. It is a robot though, although I suspect it's being remotely controlled and wasn't actually programmed to make those movements. Then at the end it drops the stylus like a mic and puts on its cool-guy shades, as if to taunt us. Or at least that's how I felt, I felt personally insulted. What's next? *robot types 'bang ur gf'* OH COME ON.

Keep going for the video while I stock up on electromagnetic pulse grenades for the inevitable robot war.

Thanks to Natty, who informed me the best captchas are the ones with the puzzle pieces. Right? I can't even solve those half the time and have to abandon my illegal download.

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