Red Wine Sipping Glasses To Prevent Stained Teeth

January 27, 2017


These are the Wino Sippers wine glasses ($24 for a set of two). They're designed for drinking red wine without staining your teeth (although they might be able to double as neti pots). They're basically port wine sipping glasses (which have existed forever) except much larger to hold more wine, because it's annoying to constantly have to get up for more. "Tell me about it." My aunt, ladies and gentlemen! Why don't you tell everybody what you say when I ask what your favorite wine is. "Whatever you're pouring." LOLOL, gets me every time. Do you want to also share your secret for not staining your teeth drinking wine? "Use a straw." Or? "Stop caring." She really is a wealth of knowledge.

Thanks to Dunc, who agrees the best wine is a bottle shared between lovers on a faux bearskin rug in front of the fireplace in a quant cabin in the snow-covered woods while you sensually feed chocolate covered strawberries to one another and prepare TO HOP ON THE TRAIN TO BONETOWN LIKE TWO HOBOS.

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