POV Video Of A Man Caught In An Avalanche Who Survives Thanks To Inflating Backpack

January 13, 2017


Note: A couple very appropriate f-bombs. Also, keep your volume in check because the fan blowing up the avalanche airbag sounds like an electric drill in your ear.

This is the point of view footage captured by snowboarder Tom Oye in Whistler, British Columbia after unintentionally triggering an avalanche and getting caught up in it. Thankfully, Tom was wearing an avalanche backpack, which quickly inflates a large pillow out of the top designed to keep you on top of the avalanche, but also provides room to breathe in the event you do get buried. Admittedly, that looked pretty terrifying and I've just crossed 'Get Caught In An Avalanche' off my bucket list due to safety concerns. "But you still left 'Go Swimming In A Volcano'?" Yeah well I've never seen any scary videos of that yet so it's still a go. "What about Gollum at the end of The Lord Of The Rings?" What, come on, that was all CGI.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Christian, who's convinced avalanches are actually booby traps set by the Abominable Snowman so nobody discovers his lair. Now that I believe.

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