Ozzy Man Narrates Wasted Guy Trying To Fight

January 13, 2017


Note: Lots of colorful language. It's like a rainbow it's so beautiful.

This is a video of Ozzy Man narrating what is unarguably one of the greatest drunk fights in history. This guy is so drunk he's trying to land punches and kicks from like ten feet away, and only manages to hurt himself. Jesus, just how much hand sanitizer did you drink? I can't even imagine being that drunk, and I can imagine being like, near-death drunk. This guy must be some kind of superhuman (the other guy might be a superhuman too based on the way he never loses his cigarette). Or, you know, just a complete piece of total garbage. Remember: you can never judge a book by its cover (a kid in middle school once showed me a nudie magazine inside a social studies textbook).

Keep going for the video.

  • I'm friends with several Aussies and they're much funnier than this.


    Im an AUSSIE, this dead shit refers to him self as an OZZY, when I read the title I thought it meant it was going to be Ozzy Osbourne in his coarse old mans voice 'look sharon there fuckin fightn again sharon, theres dog shit every where sharon'

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