Outtakes Of Man In Bear Suit Repeatedly Falling During Local Car Dealer Commercial In Hockey Rink

January 6, 2017


These are the outtakes of a White Bear Mitsubishi car dealership commercial. It takes place in the Minnesota Gophers' Mariucci Arena in Minneapolis and stars White Bear Mitsubishi general manager Richard Herod III, the White Bear Mitsubishi mascot, and Goldy, the Minnesota Gophers' mascot. The only problem is, unlike Goldy, the guy in the bear suit is just a car salesman and has no experience on ice. SPOILER: He falls a lot. Also I'm pretty sure that last fall killed him. He might not have died right away, but I bet if you call the dealership right now you'll find out they've changed their name to In Remembrance Of White Bear Mitsubishi.

Keep going for the outtakes, as well as the actual commercial.

Thanks to Landingham, who agrees bear costumes should only be worn in the bedroom.

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