Oh Wow: A Serial Killer Inspired, Body Parts Sewn Together Clothing Line

January 25, 2017


This is the 'Ed Gein' serial killer inspired clothing line designed and sold by Etsy shop KaylaArenafx. If you don't know who serial killer/grave-robber Edward Theodore Gein was, I encourage you to definitely not look him up, just know he made stuff like this IRL. *shivers* Thankfully, all of these are made from latex and not real skin and faces. Honestly, I don't even feel good writing about this. "Put the lotion in the basket, GW." I'm done here.

Keep going for a handful of other pieces available including my least favorite bra of all time.








Thanks but also kind of no thanks to Stephanie B, for inspiring me to skip lunch today.

  • Arvid Rhod Jønsson

    I wonder if this clothing line will eventually be extended to include condoms or sleeping masks.

  • RiotDemon

    These are so well made that I'd be afraid to have it. Someone would surely call the cops on the crazy person wearing a jacket made from human faces.

  • Jenness

    I'm actually a fan of psychopaths wearing signs like this to warn the rest of us to run the hell away from them screaming. Depressingly, I still would bet that at least one guy probably looked at the bra and thought 'Nahhh, that chick is just 'quirky'....I wonder if those mouths are sewn shut of if they open at all...'

    Because men are such fucking perverts it's unreal. Not that there is anything wrong with it - but it does seem to get them drinking beer all torn up with their friends saying "Dude, I should have known...but damn....she was hot."

  • The_Wretched

    welcome to trumpland. You will have to wear your neighbors once the wall goes up and the trade wars mean no imports.

  • GeneralDisorder

    The US has so much economic pull it can destroy it's next largest nation's economy without lifting a finger (e.g. current export sanctions against Russia).

    The US should probably stop doing that because the US has pretty much always been antagonizing Russia since the start of the Cold War. Nuclear proliferation happened in large part because of a poorly translated idiom. Russians said "we'll attend your funeral" which means "you're gonna kill yourself but we still like you and will show our respects when you do". And the US said "woah what? We'd better build enough nukes to wipe out all life on earth."

    The Soviet Union, as the largest nation by land mass and second largest military was pressured into building a bunch of nukes to make sure there was a second monkey with a doomsday button to deter the first monkey from pressing his.

  • Doog

    Part of me is disgusted that we've gotten to the point where making let alone wearing something like this is actually happening.

    Part of me is surprised it's taken this long to get here.

    Part of me is being made into a pretty awesome scarf.

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  • Michael Brown

    Shut up!

  • ecafsub

    That's just fucking sick.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Gross. A product made for the sole purpose of accumulating names of purchasers to be added to an FBI watch-list.

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