Nope: First Person POV Of Scooter Rider Weaving Through Traffic In Hanoi, Vietnam

January 31, 2017


This is 'It's less scarier than it look', a first person point of view of a guy on a Honda scooter bobbing and weaving through traffic in Hanoi, Vietnam. Personally, I feel like that appeared every bit as scary as it it looked. Also I'm pretty sure the person driving is a lunatic and he puts waaaaay too much faith in that shitty horn of his. Everybody else seems to be taking it relatively slow and this maniac is trying to plow across town like his wife is giving birth on the back of the scooter. Is this guy still alive? I don't know, but the video was uploaded over eight days ago, so I'd say it's fifty-fifty. Ninety-ten if he doesn't wear a helmet and ever blinks.

Keep going for the whole terrifying video.

Thanks to Diablo, who agrees when your girlfriend tells you that you should have been home ten minutes ago, you try to get home ten minutes ago.

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