Monopoly Opens Internet Voting To Replace All The Game Tokens

January 11, 2017


Note: Larger version HERE in case you were having trouble seeing just how ridiculous most of them are.

After replacing the iron with a cat in 2013 after an internet vote, Hasbro has announced a new vote to potentially replace all eight game tokens with a pool of over 50 new ones (although the old ones can also be voted to remain). The full list of potential tokens like changing the tokens is all of a sudden going to make kids want to run out and buy Monopoly:

The full list of old and potential new Monopoly tokens includes Scottie the dog, thimble, car, Hazel the cat, battleship, hat, wheelbarrow, boot, horse, rooster, goldfish, tortoise, penguin, rabbit, T-rex, telephone, typewriter, bathtub, television, key, gramophone, trumpet, sports car, race car, motorcycle, helicopter, private jet, monster truck, scooter, smiley face, kissy face, wink, laughter, Mr. Monopoly emoji, hashtag, thumbs up, surfboard, sailboat, life preserver, jetski, beach ball, speed boat, rubber duck, sunglasses, cowboy hat, bowtie, pocket watch, cufflinks, money clip, watch, campfire, wheel, computer, bicycle, camera, sliced bread, wireless phone, cowboy boot, bunny slipper, sneaker, roller-skate, flip flop, dress shoe, and a rain boot.

Obviously if any of the emojis win I will nuke the planet. The winners should be: the original top hat, the rooster, the tortoise, penguin, t-rex, monster truck, bunny slipper and sailboat. I must admit though that I care very little. I can't even remember the last time I played Monopoly, but you better believe when I did I made myself banker and foreclosed on all the other players' properties and embezzled everything.

Thanks to speakerbox and Allyson, who both gave their opinions of which pieces should win, all of which were completely wrong. You can go vote HERE.

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