Man Unknowingly Uses Hand Grenade As A Nut Cracker For 25 Years

January 3, 2017


A man in China unknowingly used a Chinese Type 67 defensive hand grenade as a walnut cracker for the past 25 years. Apparently a friend (although it sounds more like an enemy to me) gave him the grenade in the early 80's, and, not knowing what it was, he decided to whack nuts with it. *shrug* I probably would have done the same thing. Or used it to muddle cocktails. The man only realized the grenade's true identify after recently seeing it on a government poster of prohibited explosive devices, at which time he promptly turned it over to authorities. Me? I would have invited a couple of friends into the woods to watch me accidentally bounce the thing off a tree and blow myself to bits.

Invented by the German Army in World War I, stick grenades contain an explosive charge in one end of the weapon. A pull string runs through the length of the handle and is concealed by a screw-on cap on the other end of the grenade. Pulling on the string ignites the fuze, and the grenade is then thrown at the enemy.

Could the grenade have actually gone off? It may have been an inert training grenade, although those are usually clearly marked--and this one has no markings at all. If it was real, the explosives inside the grenade could have gradually become unstable over time, making it dangerous to handle.

You know I actually have a hollowed out practice grenade (proof HERE) that I pull the pin out of and toss at unsuspecting friends when the come over. Usually while yelling something like, "SCREW THE WORLD, THIS IS IT!" or "WE'RE GOING OUT TOGETHER!" I'm going to be honest, it's getting harder and harder to get people to show up for parties.

Thanks to Patrick, who agrees when in doubt, use it as a hammer.

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