Man Builds His Own Custom Designed, 25,000 Piece LEGO Klingon Bird Of Prey

January 4, 2017


This is the LEGO Klingon Bird Of Prey built by Kevin J. Walter of Germany using a virtual model he designed between 2008 and 2010. The original design required over 250,000 bricks, but he decided to make a 1/10th scale version (that measures 71cm long x 42cm wide and 86cm tall on its stand, ~28" x 16.5" x 34") that he spent the last year and a half building that totals around 25,000 bricks. For reference, that's 25,000 more bricks than my actual house, because I built my house out of straw like the first little pig. Don't worry about the Big Bad Wolf though, what I saved on building supplies I spent on a motion-activated laser turret system. Uh-oh, here he comes! *nothing happens, Wolf destroys house and eat me. Two days later, I appear as an anthropomorphic piece of wolf shit in the woods* Of all the months to not pay my electric bill.

Keep going for several more shots, including the original computer model, and you can see a whole gallery of the finished product at Kevin's Flickr gallery HERE, and work in progress shots HERE.











Thanks to n0entity and BDL, who informed me clingons and dingleberries and synonymous.

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