It Was Only A Matter Of Time: T-Rex Costume Engagement Shoot

January 24, 2017


These are the make-believe t-rex costume engagement photos taken by wedding photographers Greg Basel and Maria Adams. I say make-believe because there's not actually an engaged couple in the costumes, just friends of the photographers. Still, I guarantee somebody will do it for real if they haven't already. And, honestly, I think it's a great idea. But mostly just because if things don't work out you can always say that's not you in the photos. "Honey -- what's up with this photo I found in the garage of the two t-rexes -- it looks like they're playing leapfrog?" Oh, that? *shrug* Bought it at a yard sale, liked the composition.

Keep going for a couple more shots of the possibilities.







Thanks to Allyson S, who informed me she wants an outerspace themed engagement shoot. Stop stealing my ideas!

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