How To: Make Your Own 'Leave Me Alone Sweater'

January 10, 2017


This is the Instructable created by Ruth Grace detailing how to make your own 'Leave Me Alone Sweater'. A Leave Me Alone Sweater is a sweater with a bunch of extra fabric at the top and a zipper so you can zip yourself into privacy. So it's basically like one of those hoodies that can completely zip up to the top, but without a superhero face printed on it.

According to Ruth, the sweater is "more of a statement than a functional piece of clothing" as she can't really see anything through it, but hey, if you really want to be alone, it's perfect, right?! Plus, you can wear it in three different ways - cowl neck, off-the-shoulder, and leave me alone

Not only is it a great Leave Me Alone Sweater, it also doubles as a great I'm Gonna Drive This Car Off A Cliff Sweater. Multi-functional, how about that? "Plus you could wear it to bed so--" I know where you're going with this, but no, I don't need a brown paper bag, I happen to be very attractive. "Maybe just try it this once." Honey!

Thanks to Alexandra, who agrees the best leave me alone sweater isn't a sweater at all, it's your bed's comforter. My God I miss that thing when I'm away.

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