Guy Builds Underwater Tunnel Complete With Fish For His LEGO Train

January 23, 2017


This is a video of the underwater tunnel and decorations built by Bananenbuurman for his LEGO train set. It even has real fish in and LEGO boats and minifig divers. Pretty cool. I wonder what those fish must be thinking when the train rolls through the tunnel. "Probably not a whole lot." So not like, whoa, there's like a whole dry world out there! "Only the highest fish." I met a high fish once, he thought he was an alligator. I didn't have the heart to break it to him though so I just threw him a piece of bread and he was all, "I don't eat this!" which pissed me off because that's ungrateful and I could have made a sandwich so I yelled YOU'RE A FISH NOT AN ALLIGATOR and killed his buzz. If I throw bread, you eat it, that's the lesson here.

Keep going for three videos: one during the day, one at night, and a making of.

Thanks to hairless, who offered to tie me to real train tracks so I could make the superhero that comes to my rescue to fall in love with me. Done and done.

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