Girl Surprises Herself Popping Popcorn With A Flat Iron

January 9, 2017


Seen here finding out just how exciting being grounded can be, two Pittsburgh Penguin fans discover that, yes, you can pop popcorn with a flat iron. Pittsburgh must be awfully exciting this time of year. "Go Steelers!" What are you talking about? "Sports." I don't do sports except Red Rover and competitive eating. Just kidding, I like sports because I like betting. Although if you don't hear from me tomorrow I may have bet money I don't have on the Alabama vs Clemson National Championship game tonight and lost. Or maybe I actually won and moved to a tropical island, it's hard to say. I probably lost though because I did pick Virginia Tech to win it by 640 points.

Keep going for the video of hair products are the new melted butter.

Thanks to Lydia, who's convinced popping individual popcorn kernels with a flat iron is going to be the next big diet fad.

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