Game Changers: Flat Duct Tape Rolls That Fit In Your Pocket

January 4, 2017


Duct tape: it can fix almost anything, including a snoring roommate. But rolls are so bulky *cue infomercial of some dipshit on a ladder fumbling with a roll of duct tape before falling and breaking both legs* Enter RediTape, pocket size duct tape. Each $17 pack contains six 5-yard rolls of tape that lay flat so they can fit in a pocket (or anus if you're planning a jailbreak). So easy, so convenient. "Why are you walking like that?" Skinny Pete's been in there long enough, we're busting him out! "Just how many rolls do you have in there?" Four and a grappling hook.

Keep going for a couple more shots and a video in case you need to see those.





Thanks to Joshua, who tried to use packing tape instead of duct tape to fix something and is now the laughing stock of the all the other men in the neighborhood. :( I did the same thing with Scotch tape once, I had to move.

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