Chairs That Transform From Flat To Functional In One Second

January 11, 2017


Seen here looking like an prehistoric Transformer, this is a short video demonstration of the chairs constructed by FEWorks of Massachusetts. They transform from a flat sheet of boards into chairs in just one second. So basically they're really fancy folding chairs. Have you ever hit a friend with a metal folding chair before? I miss our backyard wrestling league. We had to shut it down though because apparently several wrestlers didn't respect the first rule of backyard wrestling league. "You do not talk about backyard wrestling league?" What? No. You don't die in the ring.

Keep going for the video. SPOILER: They also come in loveseats!

Thanks to Sarah G, who agrees the best chair isn't a chair at all, it's a warm bed and you're asleep in it right now. When I snap my fingers you will wake up and think I'm a wizard.

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