Fox Drowns In River, Gets Frozen In Ice, Man Excavates And Puts On Display

January 18, 2017


This is the fox (looks like a chupacabra to me) found frozen solid in ice by hunter Franz Stehle in the Danube river in southern Germany. So what did he do? Carefully excavated around the fox, then put it on display in his family's front yard to remind people that winter is just waiting to kill you. Me? I'm thinking of moving somewhere warmer so I don't have to worry about the cold. "I thought you lived in southern California." It's only a high of 61 degrees today. I want to go somewhere where it's warm or hot every day of the year. The south pole is the hot pole right? I think I'll buy a one-way ticket there. "You're going to be disappointed." Why, is it crowded already -- it's crowded already, isn't it? Damn snowbirds.

Thanks to Jeffrey, who tried to warn me the only snowbirds at the south pole are penguins, which I assume is a lie he told because he wants to keep all the hot grandmas for himself.

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