Fish Can Drive Its Aquarium Around By Swimming In Different Directions

January 24, 2017


"I'm coming for you, Mr. Laptop."

This is a video demonstration of a fish driving its aquarium around by swimming in the direction it wants to go. The fish's location in the tank in relation to the middle determines the car's direction and speed (ie being at the very front end of the tank is full speed ahead). It appears to be a moderately upgraded version of this fish-on-wheels we posted back in 2014, back before it was cool to be a fish driving without a license. I'm going to do the same thing, but I'm going to give my fish a jetpack so it can finally be the bird it's always dreamed of. "How do you know it wants to be a bird?" Because it told me. Well, it was either that or "Blub blub blub" but I asked again and fish are notorious for refusing to repeat themselves.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Dunc, who wants to know if two male betta fish placed in separate cars will try to demolition derby each other.

  • Max Maw

    What if he doesn't want to go anywhere but anywhere he goes in the tank, it moves :/

  • How soon before the fish take over?!

  • Jenness

    It kind of is like the fish knows it is moving - because most fish do go around a bit more. Some fish are very smart, they have a goldfish name Comet that you can see on Animal Planet and YouTube the owners play underwater soccer, fetch and lots of stuff with.

  • Jon

    Distinguished members of the Academy, I present to you, the Reverse Scuba Suit. Observe!

  • TheQiwiMan
  • GeneralDisorder

    If they had considered whether they should or shouldn't they would have done this years ago.

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