First Person POV Of Guy Accidentally Skiing Off 150-Foot Cliff

January 26, 2017


In so that's what dying looks like news, this is the first person point of view GoPro footage of skier Devin Stratton accidentally skiing off the side of a 150-foot cliff in the Wasatch Mountain Range in Utah. Devin credits several small trees, the cushioning of his backpack, and 2.5-feet of fresh snow to breaking his fall and not killing him (he said he didn't even get a bruise, just a broken helmet and equipment). Admittedly, there were other tracks up to the end of the cliff, so I could understand why Devin thought it was safe. However those look like snowmobile tracks and stopped just short of the cliff. Also the skier in front of him seems like they knew what was up, because they cut hard to the left well before the cliff. Whatever the case, I'm never leaving the bunny slope again. Oh who am I kidding, I've already broken my arm twice skateboarding and snowboarding, I can't even risk the bunny slope. I'm afraid the next time something breaks it'll kill me. Do you love me? "No." There it heart. Goodnight world. "I take it back." No no no it's too late I'm dead now.

Hit the jump for two different copies of the video in case the Instagram one doesn't work.

A video posted by Devin Stratton (@devins223) on

Thanks to n0entity, who agrees Devin should have replaced the audio with something like, "F*ck yeah, this cliff ain't shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!" and played it off like he meant to do that.

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