Finally, A Lightsaber Pizza Cutter With Sound Effects

January 18, 2017


Because novelty Star Wars kitchen products is apparently a booming market right now, this is the $22 officially licensed Star Wars Lightsaber Pizza Cutter available from The Fowndry. It looks like Darth Vader's lightsaber, cuts pizza, and makes lightsaber noises when you push the button. Personally, I plan on ripping off the idea, acquiring zero official licensing, and then start selling $8 Star Warfare Lightsword Pizza Cutters. Find them in a knock-off shop near you. "When I push the button it says, 'Set phasers to stun.'" Okay so there might have been a little miscommunication with my overseas manufacturer.

Thanks to Dunc, who only cuts pizza with a lunging samurai sword attack and has hosted some of the most dangerous pizza parties I've ever been to.

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