The Faraday Future FF91: An Electric Vehicle With A 378 Mile Range, 0 - 60 In 2.39 Seconds

January 4, 2017


This is the Faraday Future FF91 (pronounced eff-eff-nine-one), an allegedly upcoming electric vehicle with an average range of 378 miles (a consistent 55MPH will increase range up to 482 miles), and the equivalent of 1,050-horsepower that can catapult its squashed, minivan like exterior from 0 - 60MPH in 2.39 seconds. For reference, my car can't even go 60MPH without important parts breaking off. A bunch of the car's technological specs while I change the chain on my bicycle:

Autonomous driving is a large part of the FF uses 30 sensors -- including a retractable LiDAR system [Light Detection and Ranging -- a remote sensing method that uses light in the form of a pulsed laser to measure variable distances to the Earth] -- from around the car to enable a self-parking function where it can hunt around a parking lot, not just take over after you've lined the car up.

The FF 91 will also use an open ecosystem where any app you have on your smartphone...will integrate across platforms. Multiple modems and two Wi-Fi antennae, it's claimed...make the FF 91 the "most convenient hotspot on earth."

Just as impressive as what is in the FF 91, is what is not in the FF 91...There are no door handles. Instead, buttons open and close motorized coach doors...There are no keys. Cameras use facial recognition to identify the driver, identify passengers. Whether you take a seat in the front of your...FF 91...or in the back of an FF 91 halfway around the world, the car will automatically your preferences.

There are no mirrors. High-definition displays replace the rear view and side view mirrors, and HD cameras...provide a far wider range of view than any traditional mirrors...If the company can pull things together, work its way through reported financial troubles and executive departures, and manage to launch this...vehicle, it will be a game-changer.

There's no official price set for the FF19 yet, although experts estimate the FF19 starting around $180,000. That actually doesn't sound too unreasonable for a car that's basically a spaceship that can't leave earth. Still -- that exterior styling though. For $180,000 I want it to be crystal clear to every other driver on the road that there is zero possibility I'm driving any kids to soccer practice.

Keep going for a couple more pictures, a short video about the car, a video of it beating a bunch of other cars in the 0 - 60, and its hour and a half unveiling at CES 2017.







Thanks to everyone who sent this, I call shotgun when you buy one.

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