Extra Body Parts!: Earrings And Rings That Looks Like Realistic Ears And Fingers

January 5, 2017


These are the silicone EARrings and FINGERrings designed by Berlin artist and jeweler Nadja Buttendorf. THe EARrings look like realistic ears hanging from your lobe, and the FINGERring adds an additional digit above your own finger. They're perfect for making strangers stare. Plus they come in dozens of skin tones for extra realism. After all, if you're going to sport an extra body part, you at least want it to be convincing enough to make other people nervous. "I was born this way," I imagine telling the barista while I tap all twelve fingers on the counter and hold up the line while I decide whether I even want coffee at all. "No, I think I'm going to go for a beer," I'll decide after four minutes before dropping my business card in the jar for winning free coffee and bagels for your whole office. I don't even have an office! "And that wasn't a business card." Haha, yeah, it was an expired coupon. I just wanted people to think I'm successful.

Keep going for several more pictures and a video of somebody opening the door wearing a FINGERring.




Thanks to Jared W, a first time tipster. Be careful, Jared, tipping is like a drug. Next thing you know you'll find yourself banging on my door in the middle of the night looking for a fix. And, honestly, I'm okay with that (I'm lonely and a night owl).

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