Dripping Water Freezes Into Terrifying Person Shape By Home's Window

January 17, 2017


This is a shot of the human figure spotted outside somebody's window who lives somewhere where it gets cold (I moonlight as a detective). How did that even happen? "Dripping water and freezing temperatures." You would make a great science teacher. Except this isn't science -- thats clearly an ice wraith if I've ever seen one, and I did see one when my family was vacationing in Canada. Everyone was so nice up there except for her, she was pure evil and tried to steal my soul. "Did she?" You tell me -- feel my hand. "Oh my God, you're freezing!" Haha, yeah, I just ate a whole quart of ice cream.

Thanks to Robyn S, who's convinced that's a White Walker who froze to the window sill when he tried licking it.

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