Crawling Hand Shot Glass And Bone Spoon

January 20, 2017


This is the Shot Glass Crawler and Bone Spoon designed by Christopher Cordingley and available as 3-D printed ceramics at Shapeways. The shot glasses come in four sizes: 0.6oz, 1oz, 1.5oz and 2oz, and the bone spoons come in four matching sizes. Unfortunately, they're sold separately and even the 1oz shot glass costs $44 and the corresponding spoon $22, so that's $66 for one set. For reference, that's entirely too much to pay for a single shot glass and spoon, unless -- UNLESS -- it's been enchanted with a spell of Bottomless Jello Shots. I have the distinct feeling that's not the case here.

Keep going for color options if you like to throw the fanciest Halloween parties and money is no object. Or you're a member of the Addams family.


Thanks to jess, who agrees the best shot glasses are bought in kitschy souvenir shops while on vacation at the beach.

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