Congratulations?: First Documented Account Of A Tarantula Eating A Snake In The Wild

January 11, 2017


These are shots from what is believed to be the first scientific account of a wild tarantula eating a snake, which actually occurred in southern Brazil in October of 2015 but was just published last month, presumably because that tarantula also ate the scientists and somebody just recently stumbled across their camera in the jungle.

A team of scientists happened upon the meal--a 15-inch dead Erythrolamprus almadensis snake--decomposing in its middle section beneath an overhanging rock. And our lovely dinner guest, the large Grammostola quirogai tarantula, was there atop the prey, turning the serpent's body to goo with its out-of-body digestion

Did you read that? '...turning the serpent's body to goo with its out-of-body digestion.' Man, I just learned about it but I've got to say that out-of-body digestion is probably my least favorite kind of digestion besides indigestion, and definitely not appropriate for a dinner party. Or is it? *pukes pork loin and asparagus into Magic Bullet blender, looks up to a startled table* I'm gonna drink it to make it easier on my stomach.

Keep going for one more gnarly shot. WARNING: gnarly.


Thanks to Dunc, who can't wait till scientists find the proof that it's really giant turtles that hold the world up.

  • Cesqua Qi

    Btw Dunc the turtle's a grrl.

  • Jenness

    Along with Australia and Malaysia, here is another country I'm putting on my "Nope" list.

  • GeneralDisorder

    Brazil was on my nope list based on poverty and government corruption already. Apparently there's a video somewhere online of a helicopter flying over a traffic jam. The chopper drops real low over the traffic jam, a few shots ring out and government agents eliminated a target in broad daylight.

    Also there was a problem with "street urchins" and people were putting pretty large bounties on the corpses of abandoned children. Remember that picture of the little boy who's flexing in front of two armored police? Those two could have killed the boy and earned two months' pay. The odds that kid is still alive? Negligible.

  • DeathBotGamma

    It's a wonder there wasn't someone getting decapitated 2 feet away. Nasty country

  • dana.wilson

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  • DeathBotGamma

    Fuck you

  • Big Dog on Krampus

    A beautiful animal that no longer exist because of these fucking eightlegs!

  • Nelda Seidel

    A spider is as beautiful as a snake, but as far as I'm concerned... they BOTH can feck'n kill each other... two less predators to contend with...

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