Buddy, A New Japanese On-Floor Gaming Chair

January 25, 2017


Meet Buddy, a new $40 gaming chair from Japan that isn't even being released until April but is already number one on Amazon Japan's 'home' best selling list. Hopefully there isn't a lot of disappointment come April. Me? I don't sit on the floor to play video games because I'm afraid I'll get stuck down there and not be able to get back up and I already cancelled my $30/month Life Alert service because the medics refused to bring Taco Bell the last time I faked a fall in the shower. That's just poor customer service if you ask me. How are you going to deny a supposedly dying man a last meal?

Keep going for a couple more shots while I imagine how this can double as a sex chair.







Thanks to Tank, who made a custom gaming chair that looks remarkably like a La-Z-Boy submerged in a hot tub. Scoot over, I want a turn.

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