Birds On A Plane: Saudi Prince Buys Airline Seats For His 80 Falcons

January 31, 2017


This is a recent shot from an Airbus A330 of some of a Saudi prince's 80 falcons getting ready to fly the easy way. Falconry and competitive bird sports are all the rage with the affluent in the middle east, and birds can cost up to $250,000 apiece. A plane seat for a bird costs around $650, and they also have to have their own passport. Still, 80 falcons? That seems like a lot. When you're rich a rich prince when do you know it's time to stop buying falcons and start buying dragons? That was a trick question, the answer's four -- just like upgrading from houses to hotels in Monopoly.

Keep going for a short video of a similar falcon-packed flight from a couple years ago.

Thanks to Jan, who wants to know if falcon seats include a complimentary mid-flight mouse snack.

  • Perpetual Pizza

    More money than brains.


    Clearly constant sand in your arse crack, lack of sex and too much money looks like this

  • Thank God 'COOL' & 'LOVE' still ain't for sale - what a fucked up world.

  • GeneralDisorder

    I bet the prince is a fan of Falconer. If they aren't, they should be.

  • That's a lot of birds.
    And all so calm - probably because of the hoods.
    Being a bird of prey in captivity must be like being kidnapped - all that being tethered and blindfolded.
    I've only been on a plane twice (to Spain and back).
    I was terrified the whole time.
    Not sure if being blindfolded would have helped or not.

  • Next week he's sending his goldfish on a submarine tour

  • Ollie Williams

    At what point, as a rich prince, do you stop buying stupid bullshit and start helping out the large percentage of people living in poverty in your country?

  • Doog

    Another trick question. The answer is never, because the common people are beneath you and aren't even deserving of your sympathy or charity.

  • Jenness

    We can't understand it here because we don't have caste systems and the belief system ingrained in our social, legal, spiritual lives and systems that only certain human lives matter and others do not and are viewed as no more than a stick because of caste, birth right, gender, etc. But that is how a frightening large percentage of the world lives and has for 1000's of years and it's stupidity to think that our tiny culture of freedom (especially the new USA) matters at all in their view.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Don't worry, we are well on our way to getting the caste system here soon too, where white heterosexual males are the bottom rung.

  • Jenness

    That is just a revolting thought.

  • Munihausen

    Clearly, we should keep buying their oil.

  • Bling Nye

    Think of the Saudi princes!

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  • Bling Nye


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