BionicGym, An Automatic Leg Muscle Stimulator That Can Allegedly Burn 1,000 Calories/Hour

January 3, 2017


This is the Indiegogo campaign for the BionicGym, a piece of exercise equipment that stimulates your leg muscles with electrical impulses and can allegedly burn 1,000 calories while you're laying on the sofa/playing video games/constantly telling anybody who sees you that you're not masturbating. A unit costs $349 and the project has already surpassed it's $20,000 funding goal by more than $260,000. Diet and exercise: it's for people without $349.

BionicGym is a new and astonishingly effective way to train. At high levels you're breathless, sweating and the heart races. Or easy calorie-burn at work or watching TV.! Invented by a doctor who trained for a marathon on his sofa. 16 years research - even tested in Zero-G with the European Space Agency.

We mimic shivering, nature's way of burning calories without doing anything! The shivering frequencies (7-8Hz) optimizes energy burn per muscle fibre. BionicGym triggers these contractions with electrical impulses. The muscles need more oxygen and fuel so you become breathless and your heart races, i.e. you train

Haven't things like this existed forever? Do they actually work? Because I feel like if they did then so many people wouldn't look they way they do. That look is fat, just so we're clear. And what happens if somebody buys one of these and accidentally wraps it around their penis? What happens then? Will I climax till I die? Wait, I mean, will that other person climax until they die? What a pervert I hope they put his face in the papers.

Keep going for a couple convincing graphics and a worthwhile video of the thing in action (best shots are right at the beginning, at 0:50 and 1:02).

Thanks to Stephanie B, who agrees if you really want to burn calories you should strap one to each arm and around your neck as well.

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