Beautiful Stabilized Footage Of A Drone's Flight Up A Snowy Mountain

January 6, 2017


This is a beautiful video from Youtuber Gab707 of a drone's flight up the Hübschhorn Mountain's east ridge above the Simplon Pass in Valais, Switzerland. The footage has been stabilized for an ultra-smooth finish, not unlike the beer I'm drinking. "That's Milwaukee's Best Light." It's complete shit. At first I thought this was the new title sequence for Paramount movies. I also included the footage of what Gab707 saw in his headset while flying the drone, as well as the unstabilized footage, but keep your volume in check for those two because they don't sound pretty. Like the grating voice of a frenemy. Unfortunately for me, I'm afraid I am that frenemy. I went to the doctor to see if I could do anything about it but he just laughed and wrote me a prescription for a voice-changing Darth Vader mask to get filled at Toys Я Us. I stole so many tongue depressors when I left. I'm going to make my own popsicles with Hi-C!

Keep going for the videos.

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