Bambi?!: 47-Point Buck To Become New World Record

January 11, 2017


This is a shot of the 47-point deer antlers that 26-year old Stephen Tucker of Tennessee hunted in November, presumably in a nuclear exclusion zone, because I'm pretty sure that's a mutant.

The deer rack scored 312 3/8 by Boone and Crockett officials. The incumbent world record stands at 307 5/8, set by a 15-year-old from Albia, Iowa.

"I have truly been blessed and I am very thankful," Tucker said after learning the rack's score. "I have had a lot of phones calls and questions and have tried to be patient waiting through the process. I am very appreciative to my family, friends, and the TWRA, especially Capt. Dale Grandstaff, who has led me through the process. I believe he has been as excited about it as I have."

Another panel will measure the buck again at an awards banquet in 2019, where it could then be certified as a world record.

I'm assuming the antlers will eventually make their way behind the bar of a honky-tonk, where women will be encouraged to throw bras and underwear on them. One day, I will make the deer a boxer brief offering and promptly be accosted by a bouncer, presumably because I don't have pants on anymore. Whatever man, the sign says 'NO COWBOY BOOTS, NO SERVICE,' it doesn't say anything about pants.

Thanks to Lonnie, who's pretty sure this guy just killed something from Dr. Seuss's imagination.

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