Bambi?!: 47-Point Buck To Become New World Record

January 11, 2017


This is a shot of the 47-point deer antlers that 26-year old Stephen Tucker of Tennessee hunted in November, presumably in a nuclear exclusion zone, because I'm pretty sure that's a mutant.

The deer rack scored 312 3/8 by Boone and Crockett officials. The incumbent world record stands at 307 5/8, set by a 15-year-old from Albia, Iowa.

"I have truly been blessed and I am very thankful," Tucker said after learning the rack's score. "I have had a lot of phones calls and questions and have tried to be patient waiting through the process. I am very appreciative to my family, friends, and the TWRA, especially Capt. Dale Grandstaff, who has led me through the process. I believe he has been as excited about it as I have."

Another panel will measure the buck again at an awards banquet in 2019, where it could then be certified as a world record.

I'm assuming the antlers will eventually make their way behind the bar of a honky-tonk, where women will be encouraged to throw bras and underwear on them. One day, I will make the deer a boxer brief offering and promptly be accosted by a bouncer, presumably because I don't have pants on anymore. Whatever man, the sign says 'NO COWBOY BOOTS, NO SERVICE,' it doesn't say anything about pants.

Thanks to Lonnie, who's pretty sure this guy just killed something from Dr. Seuss's imagination.

  • GunTotingLib

    WOW!!! Look at that one of a kind animal!!, Lets kill it!!

  • Taffy Lindley

    Oh wow, a majestic Prince of the forest never to walk to again thanks to a piece-of-shit sister fucking redneck!!! How about we shoot you, and your pathetic white-trash children and mount them on walls!!! Bet you feel your dick is bigger than 2 inches!!! Mother-fucking inbred bastard.. Oh I bet you're so macho shooting a fucking herbivore!!!!

  • cock stain support killing children over a deer that has an average lifespan of 4-1/2 years?

  • Taffy Lindley

    A lot of children get SIDS a die way earlier than 41/2 years. And yes I strongly support abortion to control the breeding of red-neck trailer trash people TYVM No offense but you're obviously of the same ilk... So go chase your sister since your mom is busy with your brother, it'll further your education in animal husbandry...
    My opinion is my opinion and if you read the forum, I am not alone in my belief that killing for sport is murder... Although I would happily hunt you and your deer killing buddy... 'cept I have a Glock and a Kimber, not a rifle, but I am a crack shot.... just like your dad, when he gives you the money shot

  • cock stain

    So you support eugenics?

  • Taffy Lindley

    Only when it regards you

  • cock stain

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  • Taffy Lindley

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  • cock stain

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  • Taffy Lindley

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  • cock stain

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  • cock stain

    I wonder how many of you guys eat beef. I guess it's okay if you don't have to kill it yourself or see it die. It's the circle of life. If you weren't on the top of the food chain you would have been eaten by now. It's not evil, the universe is indifferent. I bet this deer tasted delicious. mmmm...back strap.

  • Edward Booth

    congratulations you murdered a sentient being

  • Taffy Lindley

    I wanna string this guy u, p hang him upside down and burn him slow over a slow fire!!!! make it last a fucking day!!!!

  • SunkLoto

    Let's shoot a Redneck next time! He might have about 47 brain cells.

  • Taffy Lindley

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  • D3Fd0ck

    those antlers look like great effin candidates for some nice jewelry, pipes, knifes, ect. Too bad it came from shameful bullshit hunters who have no life other than killing - just as retarded as gang shootings in the same mentality.

    would of ben nice for natural sheddings. i like the looks of them antlers.

  • Jenness

    How are you all so ignorant on hunting?

    1) The TWRA is the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency - the agency responsible for protecting flora and fauna.
    2) Hunters don't just mosey on outside and start shooting, they pay huge amounts of money and then get assigned tags by the TWRA giving them the time, date and area they can hunt.
    3) A game warden, responsible for keeping the entire region's wildlife along with the forestry service, goes over the list of all the eligible animals that it must be culled (killed) either due to disease, to prevent overpopulation (which causes disease, starvation and forestry damage) and/or needs of the herd for new mating blood to prevent genetic problems inherent when totally free range is obstructed by highways, cities, homes, jerks with selfie-sticks.
    4) This guy wins a tag, gets briefed in person or via email by either hunting guides, the warden's themselves or other workers on what he can and can't shoot. Some people, like this dude, get lucky and get an area and chance for them to cull an award-winning animal and actually have help.
    5) Nothing is guaranteed - and if you shoot the wrong one you can be fined 1000's of dollars, go to jail, lose your license to hunt, etc. You can die, get severely injured, just sit for days on end and nothing comes your way - it's not shopping, it's hunting.
    6) The culled deer meat is all used - nothing goes to waste, everything has a purpose.

    Why your ignorance is deadly: There are animals in Texas right now in herds of the 1000's that are extinct in their native lands - wiped out completely to extinction because of the people and governments there. But we have them in Texas on hunting ranches and hunters have saved the species.

    The scimitar-horned oryx has been extinct in Africa since the 1980's and it was found nowhere else in the world and would have went the way of the Dodo or Dinosaur because of poverty, poaching, government & military corruption, and rich developers destroying their lands completely or eating them all because of starvation and poverty. But there are up to 10,000 in Texas.

    Same with the addax and Dama gazelle . There are several more, including predators like lions and tigers as well.

    Before you say such absolutely ignorant statements - get educated.

    That dead deer just saved the lives of the rest of the herd and the money spent and program used to cull it will help protect the entire ecosystem including the forestry of that area.

    Yes, they are killing and eating the animals and taking the skin and bones to stretch over plastic and wire frames with wax and fake eyes to make into trophies.

    I'd rather look at a beautiful stuffed trophy and think about an entire species being saved from extinction than listen to people cheer signing anti-hunting legislation and watching with horror as species after species go extinct.

  • Taffy Lindley

    Sure, justify killing something so beautiful!!! Justify butchering an animal that would have lived in peace and beauty so many more years to come... What's that? I can't hear you over your sister-mother sucking your asshole while your dad works on your dick

  • Jenness

    I find it appalling that you'd rather see deer suffer and starve to death. You actually would rather see entire plants and the animals that eat them go extinct (including insects) by overpopulation which stops forest diversity which is critical for both our earth and plant life. You would kill more humans (211 people a year die from hitting deer and 29k deer are hit - most from uncontrolled / unmanaged wildlife areas), also areas with overpopulation of deer are Lyme disease warning sites - meaning the neighborhoods, parks and spaces near them the humans contract Lyme disease at a much higher rate. But ALL of that is OK to you for 1 Deer that had already lived past it's mating life - kill all the other deer, bring disease to humans, destroy entire forests ....... that's PSYCHO. Of course what would one expect from anyone who attempts to reply to a civil discourse with a bizarre incest fantasy play they probably wrote while in prison.

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