Awww: Father Swan Acts As Ice Breaker While Leading Family Through Frozen Pond

January 27, 2017


This is a short video of a male swan (cob, named so because of the knobs on their beaks) doing his best to break the ice in front of him and lead his lady swan (pen, named for the way females hold their wings back in a penned manner, after the english term 'Penne', not to be confused with my second favorite pasta noodle) and children (cygnets, named for the swan's Latin genus name, Cygnus) through an icy pond in Bradgate Park, Glenfield, UK. Apparently after the video ended the cob got tired (or faked being tired) and the pen took over serving as ice breaker. No word if the male grew up an ugly duckling or if the ball on the water is for playing swan soccer. Also, those kid swans look awfully big to still be following their parents around. I was completely independent of my parents by the time I was six. "Honey -- are you ready to go to the grocery store?" Push me in the cart mom I want cereal!

Keep going for the video while I contemplate just which cereal to throw a tantrum about when my mom won't buy it for me.

Thanks to Andrea, who agrees swans really are beautiful until they come pecking at your ass trying to steal your duck bread.

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