An Inflatable, Electric Surfboard Capable Of Doing 30MPH

January 25, 2017


Come on bro, do you even know how to get pitted?

This is the Lampuga AIR, an inflatable surfboard with handlebars and a 15HP electric jet-ski style motor capable of propelling a rider up to 30MPH. It's perfect for people who don't understand the concept of surfing, or are convinced that waves alone don't have enough power to meet their threshold of thrill seeking. The surfboard is inflatable to save room while traveling (mom -- did you remember to pack my electric surfboard?!) and can cruise up to 40 minutes on a full charge. It looks like the result of a love triangle between a surfboard, scooter, and jet-ski, and nobody's sure who got who pregnant. I hate it when that happens. Unfortunately for anybody interested in buying one who isn't already filthy rich, they cost around $10,000, leading at least one blogger to try building his own out of a pool raft, boogie board, Razor scooter and kitchen blender before accidentally popping it and getting eaten by sharks. Sucks to be that guy. "You're not talking about yourself?" How could I be talking about myself, I'm here writing -- do I seem dead to you? "Only on the inside." It's like you can see the real me.

Keep going for a video demonstration, as well as one of their Lampuga Boost electric surfboard, which is made of carbon fiber and aluminum and will not fit in an airplane's overhead bin. Although, full disclosure: neither will the AIR.

Thanks to Dougie, who's convinced this is his ticket to making a mermaid fall in love with him. Umm, and just how exactly?

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