A Guide To Hostess Snacks Based On How Good They Taste/Name Is A Good Pet Name

January 17, 2017


This is the Power Ranking Guide To Hostess Snacks created by Lucas Peterson of Lucky Peach. It ranks Hostess snacks based on taste and the snack's appropriateness for a pet name. I don't really agree with it. First of all, their powdered Donettes are delicious (although you do need to chase them with a lot of milk to avoid looking like you're coughing up chalk dust), and I think Donette is a great name for a pet. And so are Fruit Pie and Ho Ho and Suzie Q. Secondly, now I'm hungry for everything on this chart except coffee cakes, vanilla Zingers, orange cupcakes and mini muffins. Also, not to sound like a Hostess snob or anything, but you forgot the cinnamon rolls (not to be confused with the honey buns) and devil's food flavored cupcakes. Now how am I supposed to take your chart seriously?

Thanks to Christian, who may only eat those little bread wafers they give you at church on Sundays.

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