Young Boy At Minecraft Convention Asks Heavy-Hitting Question During Q&A

December 7, 2016


This is a very worthwhile video of a young boy with a purple sheep plushie sitting next to Ali G at MINECON 2016 and asking Minecraft's developers a very hard hitting question. It's not even about Minecraft, it's about LIFE. Kids: they grow up so fast these days. I remember when I was that kid's age I wasn't raising my hand to ask anything except 'Can I go to the bathroom?' and 'Can I go to the office and call my mom because I accidentally just went to the bathroom.' The rest of the kids in my class would laugh, but I'd have a fresh pair of underwear within the hour.

Keep going for a video of humanity's last hope.

Thanks to Daniel, who ONLY raises his hand during Q & A sessions to ask if he can go to the bathroom.

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