WTF Is Wrong With You?: Woman Drives Down Highway With No Front Tire

December 12, 2016


"I've got my flashers on, everything's fine."

Seen here looking like a police chase that should have ended a while ago, this is a video of a woman driving down the highway with no driver's side front tire, scraping the everliving shit out of the rim. Apparently she drove this way for over fifteen miles before stopping while Tom Tanner was foolish enough to drive anywhere near this maniac and film her. Personally, I would have given this lady at least a mile of space, and ideally the distance from earth to the International Space Station (~249 miles). I don't even feel comfortable in my third story apartment knowing this lady is on the road. Thankfully, eventually the police caught up with her and put an end to this madness. Still, no word what they had to say when they asked for her license and realized it was cut from the back of a cereal box.

Keep going for a shot of the stopped car and the video.


Thanks to Clint, who agrees the safe thing to do would have been to drive entirely in reverse.

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