Wow, Finally: A Death Star Beanbag Chair Cover

December 21, 2016


Look at your beanbag chair. How does it look? "Nonexistent." That's probably for the best. But let's say you do have an old beanbag chair that's leaking beans that you still can't bear to part with because you made out with a pretty girl or cute boy on it one time so it has some sort of sad, sentimental value. Enter the $100 Death Star Bean Bag Chair cover from ThinkGeek. Wait -- $100?! That's the cost of like four regular beanbag chairs. You can either use the Death Star to cover an existing beanbag chair or fill it with beans yourself because it does not come with any filling. That's kinda cool though because then you can fill it with whatever you want. "Spaghetti!" Exaaaactly.

Keep going for one more shot while I tell everyone the spaghetti in my Death Star beanbag chair is actually tauntaun guts (I stuffed some rotten shrimp in there too so it smells authentic).


Thanks to larabe, who hasn't had a beanbag chair since college and is clearly missing out.

  • That's no moon - it's an overpriced piece of tat.

  • Jenness

    Heh. But seriously, that's not worth $100 at all

  • GeneralDisorder

    I'd maybe spend $100 for some time with that model. But she's only Pittsburgh hot. She'd be NYC meh. Los Angeles "WTF, put that thing away!"

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